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Sports Picks - 12/16/2017

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Freddy Wills is 31 years old and has been betting on sports for more than a decade.

He has been giving clients information since 2008. He broke into sports handicapping during college when he developed a series of algorithms and formulas that helped him predict straight up winners for college football. Freddy still uses these algorithms today with fine tuning and they have led me to huge seasons that have led to national awards.

Freddy Says: "The two most important things to me in this business are long term profit and integrity," which is built by our website's tag line "where records don't lie." Not only am I monitored by third party sports monitors, but all of my picks are available to the public just minutes after a game start via our records table above & time stamped in our sports picks forum.

Ranking System: I rank my plays on a scale of 1-5. My signature play of the day's range from a 3-5* play. A $100/unit bettor would bet $300 to $500 on any given POD. I highly recommend having disciplined money management skills. Set yourself up with a bankroll, and use 0.5%-1% of that bankroll per unit. I bet all of the plays I give out! When I release a max rating play I am using 2.5% of my bankroll to do so. Nothing in this industry is a guarantee, but you will find that it is a long term investment that's much more fun than the stock market.

Biggest Win: I remember like it was yesterday. An undefeated Oklahoma State team was more than a 4 TD favorite on the road on a Friday night against Iowa State. I took Iowa State plus the points as well as on the money line at +2250 and the result was a huge win for clients. Read the archived play - Iowa State +2250

Quote: "The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare." is a quote from a famous Tanzania Boston marathon runner. I run marathons, but this quote means much more to me as it is a great metaphor for life, and personal goals. This is something that drives me daily, because while luck plays a huge role in losing and winning seasons, hard work is what drives success and long term profit.

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